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We believe it is important to inform our clients and followers of the web that cleanliness is fundamental, and that there are ways to clean and remove stains, just as they did cleaning professionals when there weren't the means we have today, but that can be very helpful for us. These pages are a reference and a tribute to these people experience:


Regular tricks to clean and maintain your home

Before you buy cleaning products, consider the following:

1. Baking soda due to is an alkaline, baking soda can descale the water hard to remove hard water stains and to enhance the effectiveness of the detergent (for clothes). It can dissolve in water to create a deodorizing solution, or mixed with just a little bit of water to create a slightly abrasive cleaning product. Because of the fact that it is an alkaline, baking soda has a tendency to discolor aluminum. Then, must be thoroughly rinsed aluminum pans (or other surfaces of aluminum), after using this mixture.  

2. Lemon juice a light acid, lemon juice can be used to remove stains of rust from sinks and tubs of porcelain without damaging the surface. When mixed with hot water, it helps to remove the oily residue on the mirrors, glass, and dishes, without leaving stains.  

3. An alkaline household bleach, household bleach is an excellent disinfectant. Mix it with hot water to rinse the bathtub and the toilet. To create a strong product to combat mold, mix a solution of ³⁄ Cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water. Fill a bottle spray of this solution. Atomize or spray on bathroom tiles, leave it for 5 minutes, and then rinse with a sponge scourer. To remove mildew stains, scrub with a toothbrush. Also, keep a bottle spray of this solution in the kitchen to disinfect surfaces where food is prepared.  

4. Cream of tartar or tartaric acid.   A powder used often for cooking, the cream of tartar can be mixed with water and used to shine aluminum products. It is also useful as a cleaning product for stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, and especially for the coffee, because it neutralizes the acidity and "sweetens" coffeemaker. Mixed with a little lemon juice to make a paste, this dust serves as cleaning product slightly abrasive for stubborn stains.  

5. White vinegar also distilled a light acid, distilled white vinegar can be added to the sink to remove fat. When mixed with hot water, makes a solution excellent for tiles and glass surfaces (leaves no stripes). It is also an effective rinse to remove SOAP residue of countertops, ovens and wood items.


Remove traces of your carpets: spraying the surface with shaving cream, then clean with vacuum cleaner. (First of all should do a test on a small area of the carpet to make sure the color will not change because of the cream).  

Clean stains from your carpets with a solution consisting of detergent (for clothing), white vinegar and water.  

Pour a little baking soda on the carpet before cleaning your House. Then, when it starts to clean with vacuum cleaner, baking soda will have absorbed odors. Another thing: you will see clearly what had already cleaned (and what's left to do), through the white powder.


For removing grease stains from the hands of an appliance, wipe with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol. This will leave surfaces clean, shiny and streak-free.  

Cleaning a coffee machine by running a little vinegar through the system.  

To maintain the new look of your oven in stainless steel and other appliances with black glass fronts, rinse with a cloth that do not leave traces of lint soaked in alcohol.  

Atomize a little nonstick cooking Cookware on the ceiling and walls of the freezer after defrosting your freezer. The next time that you thaw it, the ice will fall out easily.


Iif you fed up seeing stains on their articles of glass after having them washed in the dishwasher, there is use this solution: Mix equal parts of water, vinegar and lemon juice in a spray bottle, and atomize glassware before putting them into the dishwasher.  

To restore luster to your coffee or tea maker of glass, rinse the inside with a wet sponge in a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Then put some ice cubes in the coffee or tea and a little shake. Rinse thoroughly with water.  


Eliminate the bad in your rubbish bin smell, by pouring a layer of gravel for cats in the background.

Non-stick pans

If a non-stick pan is not cleaned when rinsed it the first time, fill it with water, simmer, and rub the area stained with a wooden or plastic spatula.


Put their toothbrushes into the dishwasher once a month, to disinfect them. It is also good to do so then that you or any member of your family has been cold.

Small decorative items

This is an easy way of removing dust from a series of small items without having to manipulate each:

remove dust with a hairdryer to the minimum setting.  

The kitchen

Put a mat for bathrooms on the floor in front of her kitchen sink to protect this region of hard traffic. The pad will remain in place because it will not slip, and can be washed by machine.

Looking for a quick way to clean kitchen and bathroom faucets? Rinse them using a bit of cotton soaked in alcohol.


To clean fragile bedspreads, clean with vacuum cleaner, by first of all putting an average on the vacuum attachment.  


Even faster: clean with vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment. Work from the top down.

To remove dust from your curtains, remove them from the wall and put them in the dryer with half fabric softener sheet. Start the dryer to the setting "air dry" for 20 minutes. Replace them in place immediately afterwards, to avoid the need for ironing.

Room bathroom

To save moisture-free bathroom mirror, clean it regularly with shaving cream, instead of window cleaner. Use a bit of shampoo for babies on a sponge to clean the sink, bathtub and bathroom tiles. Shampoo quickly removes dirt and the oily residue, leaving a fresh scent.

Put a tablet to clean dentures in your health. Wait a few hours. Throw into the toilet. This will remove the stains without using your hands.

Open water hot shower 10 minutes before cleaning bathroom. The steam will weaken any rust that there is in the bathroom.

To prevent that cans leave rust rings on your medicine cabinet or your counter, give a hand of enamel light for nails on the bottom of the cans.

If you do not already have products to clean bathroom tiles, use a bit of toothpaste on a wet rag. Clean by wiping the dough, and then rinse. Whole bathroom light will Flash, will blink, and will also have a scent of mint!  

Five tools needed for cleaning

The following articles help to minimize the time required to clean and to maximize results.

1.     Suede

This tool available in all professional retailers in selling items to clean, with some advantages, because it has no threads and absorbs much. This makes it very useful for use in the bathroom to rinse the tile and faucets. The chamois is all furniture gently, and the fact that it has no threads makes it very suitable for cleaning Windows and mirrors. It is a good idea to save some chamois in the House, and use each one for a specific surface - one for glass, another for wooden articles, one for tiles. It is not good to confuse the chamois because thus runs the risk of using the wrong product for cleaning.

2.     Cotton mops.    

Although a sponge tool is easy to use, very often pushes the dirt to the corners, instead of removing it completely. A cotton MOP is the best selection to clean the floors of wood, tile, vinyl, etc. To keep it clean, bathing it in a solution of bleach and hot water, rinse water and a half cup of fabric softener, and then leave it upright (with the threads facing up) to dry it.

3.     Rubber gloves

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and bacteria is highly advisable. You can also use very hot water to reduce the time needed to clean. Keep a couple in the kitchen, in the room of bath and with your other cleaning items, so you can always use them. When you are finished cleaning, will not damaged its hands and nails, so you can keep them in perfect condition.

4.     Sponge scourer

Employ a sponge scourer to overlook the extra step of scrubbing with a brush and then wash and rinse with sponge. Save a different sponge for each product to clean. (Fixed the sponge product so that you do not confuse the sponges).  

5.     Rubber Scraper

This item is very popular for cleaning windshields, but you will love using it for all parts of your House also. Keep a rubber scraper in each bathroom and use it for drying the tiles and glass after every shower doors (to prevent the formation of mildew and soap scum buildup). When it comes to cleaning the Windows, you can reduce the time needed to do so. Simply use a SOAP dishes and then dry with the rubber scraper.


To prevent blockages caused by hard water in drains, pour a solution of ¼ Cup of white vinegar and ¼ Cup boiling water in the drains of bathroom, the kitchen and bath.   Use a crochet to clean clogged hair from the drain of a sink or a bathtub.  

How dust

Would want you finish their tasks much faster dusting? Take old socks on your hands when you dedusting.  Spraying a little water or wax for furniture on the socks to finish the job quickly.  

A glove of wool (available in shops, etc.) is a very useful tool to clean the House. Glove retains the dust like a magnet, machine washable, and can be air dried.


 A little alcohol added to the water and use a microfiber very drained, is a great way to clean mirrors (and windows). No streaking, and the glass stays clean longer.


Browse all sponges old clothes in the washer with bleach needed. Dry them, and put them aside to continue using them in the tub, tile, etc. They are useful for cleaning the car too.

If your kitchen sponge has an unpleasant odor, bathing it in lemon juice and rinse.


Alcohol is an excellent cleaner for glasses. Apply it with a tissue. Alcohol dries almost immediately wiping the glasses without leaving streaks.

Dipping his glasses with wet handkerchiefs disposable pre-baby. Then dry them with a clean dry cloth. His glasses shine.

Skeins of wool or yarn

If you knit, this is a good way to keep clean your ball of yarn or yarn: Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle (two liters) of soda and put the yarn on the inside, then roll a single thread through the neck bottle. Then you can replace the bottom cut being taped. The yarn stays clean and free of knots.


This is an easy way to clean an oven: Put ½ cup of ammonia into a small ball and leave it open in the oven (cold) overnight. The smoke will release any residual ammonia hardened. In the morning, add a little water to ammonia, soak a sponge, and use this solution to clean the door, and inside the oven racks.

Before turning it on, take a few cloves or cinnamon sticks in the oven. You will then have a clean oven and a house that smells of freshly baked pastries.


This is a quick and easy way to clean the microwave: Place two cups of water in the microwave, turn it two minutes, and wait 5 minutes, leaving the oven door closed. Rinse with a sponge inside. Add a little lemon juice or vanilla to the water to leave a fresh smell.

The brass

To clean brass items, apply a mixture consisting of equal parts of vinegar and tomato sauce (ketchup). Polish with a clean towel.

Washing machine

To remove residue from fabric softener and bleach inside the washing machine, pour some hot water into the container where it would normally softener (liquid) or lye, then turn on the machine. This has very good effect.

Too much foam in the washer? The culprit is probably too much detergent. Then: Pour ½ cup of salt or an average measure of liquid fabric softener to dissipate any foam.


To clean your dishwasher, run a regular cycle using Tang (instant orange drink) in the detergent dispenser. Is citric acid that makes the difference.

Coffee Stains

To remove coffee stains in your cups or counters, use a little baking soda instead of regular cleaning product. It has good effect and leaves no residue.

Spots of butter and oil (about marble surfaces)

Rinse the marble surface with a rag soaked in ammonia. Prepare a paste of amyl acetate (available at pharmacies), acetone, ammonia and calcium carbonate. Grease stains covering them completely, then cover with plastic wrap, and wait a few hours. Repeat as necessary. Rinse with water and dry with a microfiber.


If the garment is white, then great, use a little chlorine and will do, if color, rub the stain as soon as possible with cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide, and allows the water to work on the stain. Remove the foam that goes out and is rubbing. When you have removed the stain almost completely, wash with your regular detergent, giving special attention to the stain.

Ink Spots

If the table or kitchen counter, or any medium have pen stains with a cloth soaked in alcohol will remove ink stains.

The hairspray remove ink stains from most fabrics.

Vomit stains

To remove a vomit stain from a wool carpet, pour some soda water on the stain. For mats that are made ​​of wool, applying a mixture of 1 part ammonia and 10 parts water. Rinse with cold water, dry the carpet after vacuuming.

Pots and Pans

This is a quick and easy way to clean nonstick pots and pans: Mix 2 cups of water and ½ cup of dishwashing liquid. Pour the solution into the pot or pan you want cleaned, and wait about 5 minutes. Wash the pot or pan thoroughly with hot water, then dry with a cloth.

Another way is if the pot is surgical steel, then the best way to clean a steel pan after cooking chicken, beef, or whatever, is not expected to cool the room, but quickly taking a little cleaning water and scrubbing the pot or pan with a loofah sponge that will not scratch. You will see that the dirt comes out almost without effort. Warning: Be careful when cleaning because cleaning can burn right after finish cooking.

If the proceeds of the pots and pans are discolored or burned, cleaned using a paste consisting of two parts salt and one part white vinegar, applied with a wet sponge.

To shine a stainless steel pot, fill it with 3 cups tomato juice, boil, then wash and dry as usual.


If a bad smell (like spoiled fish) has dominated the kitchen, follow this advice: Put a ball of white vinegar on the counter and wait a few hours. Soon, the smell will be gone and the room will smell fresh again.

Cleaning a room smell of cigarette smoke or pipe, bathing cloth in a solution of equal parts vinegar and hot water. Twisting the cloth and gently shake it all around the room. The smell is removed from the room within a few minutes.

If there are bad smells on clothes because she could not take care of the laundry for days, fill a sock (or half old) of baking soda, make a knot in the rope and throw it in the basket to remove the bad smell .

Remove the musty smell of an old book: Put half a sheet of fabric softener at the beginning of the book, and half a sheet at the end of the book.


Do your lampshades easily covered with dust? Use softener sheet instead of a cloth for rinsing screens. Not only removes dust, but also prevents the accumulation of static electricity, which will also reduce the dust that is attracted to the screen.


To clean badly stained painted walls (especially around switches), apply a solution of baking soda and water with a soft cloth.


Does cat hair and dog on the carpet? Atomize a solution (consisting of one part fabric softener (liquid) and three parts water) on the carpet, wait for a minute or two, then vacuuming.


To clean the dishes, fill the sink with water, add a tablespoon of baking soda. This will soften your hands, remove the fat and eliminate bad odors.


To remove stains from your china teapot, cast a denture-cleaning tablet in the pot, fill it with water, and leave overnight. Wash as usual.

Aluminium doors

Spray a little on your tires clean aluminum door to remove dirt. (Try first to a corner to see that the product will not damage the surface).

Plastic containers

Does tomato stains or tea in plastic containers? Blending a little bleach with a large amount of hot water into the container. Wait about 5 minutes, then rinse.

Routine cleaning

Put everything in place the day before cleaning your house. It's easier to clean a house when everything is in place.

Placing a time limit, using a timer to do so. It is only a small tactic, because your work easier if you know that there is a limit.

Always clean a particular room completely before proceeding to the next. Work in the direction of clockwise, towards the door (to avoid crossing the room).

Always clean from top to bottom, first the highlands, ceilings, shelves, etc, then the walls, the furniture and finally soil.

Use time wisely: Start with items that have to bathe in cleaning fluids or cleaning products that need a bit of time (eg, oven cleaners products). When you have finished cleaning everything else, these areas are ready to be cleaned.

Rub in all directions (when you have to rub): up and down, right to left.

Laminate surfaces

To revive the laminate surfaces that look dull, a little spray furniture polish on surfaces after cleaning. Rub with a soft cloth to make them shine.

Remove stubborn stains with a paste of baking soda and water applied with a rag.

To remove difficult stains, rinse with a rag soaked in lye.

To restore shine to a dull-looking desk, use a little furniture polish. Do not abuse the wax.


Grandma knew best as to clean stains from fabrics. The traditional yellow laundry soap removes most stains, blood, vegetable oil, herb and fruit juice without any problem disappear. Save a bar of this soap in the vicinity of your washer. Wet the stain and scrub with soap. Then wash the item as usual. The plus: This soap will not harm washable silk items.


To clean and disinfect the handset of your phone, wipe with alcohol.


Never spray cleaning products on a TV, the solution may cause a short.

To clean the screen, wipe it with a wet fabric softener sheet in alcohol. This will also help repel dust.

Candles and candle wax

Restoring the luster of decorative candles, by rubbing with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.


The windshield washer fluid is great for cleaning windows, appliances, and flooring, and is cheaper than most cleaning solutions.

If you want to avoid leaving streaks (and who does not want help?), Not clean your windows when it's very hot or very sunny. It is better to do the cool days (or when there are clouds).


Post a wine-stained tablecloth on a ball and cover the stain with salt. Pour hot water over the salt until the stain disappears.

Home Maintenance Guide (for each station)

For your home is in good condition, it is important to solve these regular tasks each season.


Clean windows and screens and if you have shutters, remove them.

Inspect the roof to check for leaks: Use a sunny day to inspect. Repair or replace broken tiles.

Replace the washer hose every two years to prevent leaks.

Planning your garden, planting seasonal plants.

Prepare tables, window boxes and other plant pots.

Check and clean your mower and garden tools.

Inspect the edges of wood outside his house: Search cracks, paint that has risen, deformations in the wood and indications of rot. Make necessary repairs and touch up the exterior paint.

Inspect air conditioners, lawn mower, garden furniture, outdoor lamps, grille, outside faucets, gutters and pool.

Test the fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

Clean cobwebs lights and other lighting fittings, lamps and lampshades.

Wash curtains or clean stores.

Put mattresses backwards. Vacuum clean behind and under the bed.


Scrub the grill with a wire brush and a product steel oven cleaner (wear rubber gloves).

Clean and repair (as needed) the garden furniture.

Ensure that all house windows open easily. If not the case, clean and repair windows lanes and give them a special grease to move easily.

Pressure washing the exterior of your house, the entrance, and gateways.

Thoroughly clean your car, both outside and inside.

Put upside the furniture pads to wear out evenly.

Clean your closet for linens. Save two sets of sheets for each bed. Ask torn rags of clothing.


Prepare your lawn mower for winter: clean, change the oil, and drain the fuel.

If applicable, provided firewood. Make sure to always have a supply of dry wood, keeping it in a large plastic container to the back door.

Replace the filters in your air conditioning and heating system checked and if necessary professionally.

Remove leaves and other debris from gutters and downspouts.

Vacuum clean lint and soil under all the carpets in the house. Place mats upside (where possible) to wear out evenly. Repeat this at least twice a year.

Insulate outside faucets against cold.

Lubricate the locks on all the doors of the house.


Close the flue when not using the home.

Set a goal to clean out your closets and drawers. Clean every time a cabinet and two drawers, until you have cleaned all the cupboards and drawers all.

Unscrew each faucet filter, clean it carefully or replace it.

Vacuum clean the refrigerator coils to increase efficiency. Repeating at least twice a year.

Inspect the tiles around the bath or shower. Repair if necessary to prevent water leakage.

Submit the attic and basement to a safety test. Are there flammable liquids in the vicinity of the heater or water heater? Make sure you have good electrical panel labeling. Look for signs of frayed wires.

Repair small cracks in the interior walls.

Inspect the exterior of the house walls, the entrance and the floors of the garage to make sure there are no cracks.

Drain a gallon water heater to remove sediment that has accumulated.

At the end of this season:

Clean and store luggage winter as shovels and snowblowers.

Rinse or vacuuming all outdoor doormat.

Wash and store all winter clothes, coats, boots and the like.

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